What moves us

The About page refers to our “dreamed projects”. A lot’s of people ask me what they are and that’s The question, the one this blog is all about. But, before I spill the beans, I would like to touch you on what moves us. Which moral values drive us, which project inspire us, which domain attract us.

Respect, Integrity and Diversity

Mutual respect is the first and maybe the most important value of all. Respect is not related to authority and appeal to authority such as innate or legitimate authority based on culture, tradition, or longevity, must be carefully evaluated using critical thinking. Respect is acquired all life long, it’s a day-to-day work which requires integrity, truth and honesty. A true relationship, with people, with nature, is based on mutual respect, and this respect is built on the recognition that both parties are remarkably capable. Obviously, mutual respect is only possible if you have self-respect, if you believe in yourself, and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. As a consequence, mutual respect allows diversity, mutual growth and success.

Everything Is Connected

We cannot understand a complex system focusing on its component parts. The system as a whole determines in an important way how the parts behave. The whole is more than the sum of its parts, said Aristotle, to summarize this idea. The application of this holism principle all around us stimulates our interest and inspires us. Collective intelligence like the one emerging from an ant colony, a body, a human group, is easy to observe but so hard to understand. In such dynamic system, a small move in any of its component parts can have in the long term a large impact, the so called butterfly effect. Applied to business, mass communication or computer sciences, the produced systems may create exceptional results but, sometimes, unintended consequences. As actors of these systems, we must act with high caution and apply precautionary principle when needed.

Holistic Medicine and Nutrition

Human being is a fascinating example of such dynamic systems. Good health is the result of constant processes to maintain an unstable equilibrium of social, mental and physical well-being. One of these processes is nutrition. Nutrition bring the needed fuel to our body. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Unfortunately, food quality decreased the last few years. Food is processed, refined, pasteurized, grown with synthetic fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics in industrial farms. The consumption of such food have in the long term large impact on our global health. We should thank the life to be in good health, and by self-respect, should feed our body with the best food ever. Living food is an answer to the quest for the best nutrition. Moreover it respects nature cycle and avoid food industrialization promoting unprocessed whole food consumption. Living food should be given in day care, in schools and in offices. Our children are what we feed them. We are what we eat.


In the context of architecture, holism tends to imply an all-inclusive design perspective. In the enterprise, the term architecture is a metaphore to the constuction industry. It’s the definition of the organisation as a complex system of components and relationship which creates business value. To build such organisation the architect must have a broad understanding of the key components of all aspects of the enterprise. Its role is to define the best system as a compromize between the requirements of each actors, and make this system a source of positive evolutions in the highly competitive environments inside the company. The whole Enterpise Architecture is not a cure. As a component, its results will be greatly impacted by a larger system: the enterprise itself and its external environment.

Feelings and Creativity

Run barefoot, walk in the rain, taste your food, touch your friends, take a break and look around you, observe your environment, feel the life and its energy, feel your body, accept your emotions, open your mind, let’s your fellings stimulate your creativity and spread the world with this incredible creativity…

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